I got a nice balloon on Saturday and a flag I could dance round. I didn't get face paint like Anna and Léon, I hope I get one next year.

Face paint

On Saturday daddy took us to a fun day in Edinburgh with flags and face paint and a castle. We got to go on a bus. It was great fun and I think the others enjoyed it too.



Little lady by PhylB
Little lady, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.

Aaah - there's nothing like a nice roll in honey with pork sausages for lunch, but of course you can't eat it without your hat on!


'Baby Treena'

I got to hold my new little cousin for the first time today. I was a bit annoyed mummy forgot her camera so could only take photos with her mobile phone, which is really quite rubbish.

On my bike

I asked mummy to film me cycling on my pink bike so Farmor and Großvater could see how good I am getting at it. I think I am not bad at cycling for a girl who is only four!