Fastelavn by PhylB
Fastelavn, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.
It's been a funny week. Farmor made us all these sticks with ribbons on and we got to beat up a barrel till sweeties fell out. Léon and Anna even got to wear dressing-up clothes, though I didn't want to. Then we got jammy buns that daddy made. None of the other kids who lived nearby were doing anything that odd but it was kind of fun all the same.



Pizza by PhylB
Pizza, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.

Tonight I had pizza for dinner. I am not sure why adults insist on giving you that weird bread bit on the bottom. It is obvious from the taste that it is much nicer just to eat the cheese, mushrooms and sausage off the top before moving on to the next slice. I had about 6 slices tonight - everyone else only managed about 3... I wonder why!



Olives by PhylB
Olives, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.

I really love olives and so do all my brothers and sisters :-)


Sore nose

Sore nose by PhylB
Sore nose, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.

This is where my nose hurts.

I decided to climb on the toilet to wash my hands after I had done a peepee because I thought I was big enough to reach the taps by myself... apparently I am not as big as I thought!


Daddy's birthday

Thomas's birthday by PhylB
Thomas's birthday, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.

We had lots of candles for daddy's birthday. I taught myself how to fuff them. I got very good at fuffing them!


More Bopster nonsense

More Bopster nonsense by PhylB
More Bopster nonsense, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.

Oh Oh! Looks like Amaia's about to be in trouble again! Isn't that daddy's dental floss she's unravelled all over the bathroom floor?

No more microwave games

No more microwave games by PhylB
No more microwave games, a photo by PhylB on Flickr.

Why doesn't mummy want me to play with the microwave? It is so much fun!