Always busy

I've had quite a busy week this week.
Yesterday Mummy left me on the chair at the breakfast bar for five minutes while she was taking things out of the fridge. While she had her back turned to me, I took the opportunity to remove the flowers from the pots on the window sill to see if there was anything hidden in the mud under them - but there wasn't. What a disappointment... So I decided the next thing to be investigated was my pot of nappy cream. I found out that if you spread it on thinly, you can cover all your clothes, some of the floor and still have enough left over to taste. Daddy pulled off my dungarees and put me down so he could clean up. What else was I supposed to do but make my way into the dining room and colour in Léon and Anna's white drawing table with a brown pen... of course while I was doing that it occurred to me that if I was to stand on a chair, I might be able to reach the curtains and colour them in too but mummy caught me just before I could start.
I guess I need to go to bed now and think up some more cunning plans for tomorrow!

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