Little and Large
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Sometimes they make me look after my little cousin. I think I'm good at it!


Reading my baby book

Reading her baby book
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Farmor bought me this book In Copenhagen last time I was there. Imagine my surprise when I was reading it yesterday and I found a photo of a baby who had borrowed my pyjamas without even asking me!


Snowball cardie

Granny made me a new cardie for the winter. I look like a big pink snowball in it. She made Amaia one too. She looks like Sulley out of Monsters Inc in hers!

A full load

A full load
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We like it when daddy takes us for a walk... We're not sure daddy likes it though!


Léon and Daddy

Daddy keeps running around pushing Léon on his bike. Pudge used to do it himself but then Daddy took the little wheels off so he could run after him. It doesn't seem very sensible to me. Especially when Pudge keeps falling off! I'm not sure I get adults!