I'm sure I can feed myself mash!

Daddy thinks I am old enough now to feed myself. Yesterday he gave me a plate of mash and a spoon. I definitely managed to get some of it into my mouth with a spoon but it's not as easy as these adults and bigger kids make it look... mind you I am only five months old! And it's annoying the way it gets all over your elbows!


Goodbye pink leg

Sand fun
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Because of my pink leg I haven't been able to play properly in the sandpit. Mummy did try dungarees and tights to keep the sand out of my cast but it still got in. Today Mummy took me to the hospital and a nice lady called Natalie sawed my pink leg off with a noisy saw. It was tickly and made my leg shake. Lots of sand and grass fell out of my pink leg! Then she gave me two stickers for bravery. I can walk now and more importantly I can put on two socks and two shoes. I have found it very unsymmetrical and upsetting going out in one of each for the last three weeks.
Now I can play in the sand and the paddling pool again but first thing I tried when I got home was a wee jump on my little trampoline (though I won't be going on any big trampolines again).
Then Mummy made me have a very long bath - I think she's been thinking washing me once a month isn't enough - especially since I drew all over my arms in permanent marker yesterday when I was bored!

A new means of transport

With Peter
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The other day my Großvater took me out for a walk. Because Anna was using my buggy (she still had a broken leg), my Großvater put me in a rucksack on his back. I've never tried that before but I thought it was great. I could see everything from up there. I'll be a bit disappointed when Anna starts walking everywhere again :-(


Sore leg

Sore leg
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Daddy took me to the hospital on Wednesday because the nice doctor on Saturday had said I might not need the pink leg on for any longer than that because I am still quite wee. I wasn't very pleased when they told daddy they had decided to leave my pink leg on for three weeks instead. I guess that means I'm just going to have to walk about on it and learn again to jump and other things like that.

First ice cream

First ice cream
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Anna was eating a strange cold thing today after her dinner. Suddenly she decided I ought to try it too so she gave me it. It was absolutely delicious. As it melted more and more I worked out a technique for sucking the whole creamy bit out of the cone. I hope Anna shares her next ice cream with me too!


A pink leg

I was standing on Manus's trampoline minding my own business when Manus and Léon walked across to get off. The ground wobbled and I fell to my knees on the trampoline. I couldn't stand up again so mummy took me to the hospital and the doctor said it might be a tiny fracture just above my knee. She put this pink plaster on and told mummy I was not allowed any baths for a week and next week I have to go back for another x-ray when they will decide whether or not to cut the plaster cast off. So now I can't walk or play and I'm only allowed to wear one shoe but it isn't too bad so far.



Mummy took a few nice photos of us today like this one so she put them on flickr and she changed our main blog picture on the left - check out how cute and grown-up we're looking now!