A trip to the seaside

Sunny Prestwick
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Pudge asked to go to the beach on Sunday. I have been to the beach before but not since last summer so I didn't remember what the beach was. Pudge said the beach was good fun. We got there after a drive and it was beautiful. I walked down to it and onto the sand. The sand moved!!! I stopped. I couldn't possibly be expected to walk on this dangerous surface, surely? Mummy told me it would be better if I took off my shoes, so I did but it still moved! I started to cry Carry me, carry me! Mummy refused despite the fact that she was only carrying 4 buckets, 3 spades, a bottle of water and a picnic rug... oh and my sandals - how unreasonable is that?! I walked on crying till daddy came back and picked me up.
He sat me on the sand and I had some fun putting sand in a bucket. Well, I think it was fun but my hands were all dirty after a while so I started to cry again. Daddy told me he'd wash them so he dipped them in some water he found at the edge of the sand - the water was huge and scary so I started to cry again.
The guys all told me all the way home that I'd had fun at the beach but I'm not so sure. The beach seemed quite scary, if you ask me :-(

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