What on earth was that all about?

On Friday morning Mummy and Farmor ran with us to a bus and we jumped into a train with mummy and daddy. We sat on a train for a whole day and then had a lovely bath with bubble bath in a new house we have never been in before. We then slept together in a huge bed and the next day we spent another whole day on a train. Suddenly Großvater turned up and took us home again. I have absolutely no idea what it was all about but it was nice to see Großvater and Farmor again so soon.

I loved the purple trains in Malmö

Last week mummy and daddy took me to Sweden and the first thing I noticed was that all the trains there were purple! I pointed them out to Amaia because I like pink and purple. They were so beautiful. Why aren't all the trains in the world purple?:-)


Copenhagen zoo

On Monday Farmor and Großvater took me and my big cousin Ursula who is a year older than me to the zoo. Because Amaia stayed at home Ursula could share my pink buggy. We saw elephants and giraffes and red pandas and monkeys. A bad hen ate the sandwich that Farmor had made me and then a bad boy tried to throw my doll in with the giraffes but Großvater saved my baby and we had a nice time.


Easter in the garden

Easter in the garden
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On Sunday I wasn't feeling well but Daddy took me out into the garden and made me walk around. It was weird - I found all sorts of chocolate eggs and rabbits hiding under bricks and behind flowers and I even found this pretty windmill. It was well worth the walk even if I was sick.

Teeny trolls can talk

I've just realized how much fun talking is. I like to sit on my Pumpa's chest and talk to him. When he talks to me, I talk back. Mummy was so impressed with my talking last week she made a film of it that she's going to put on you tube when she gets a minute! I'm not 100% sure Pumpa understands everything I am saying but he looks happy enough to talk to me, so that's the main thing.