I'm a big girl now

Xmas Eve in the snow
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I stopped pooing in my nappy quite a long time ago. I've never liked pooing because it hurts me so I started telling mummy and daddy when I needed to poo so I could use the toilet and I have been doing that since October.
Mummy said she wanted to potty-train me but couldn't bend down to clean the floor if I had an accident (as if!) because of the baby in her tummy. She said that as soon as she had the baby, she would let me use pants instead of nappies.
Amaia was born last week and by the weekend she still hadn't let me take off my nappies so I decided Mummy and Daddy needed reminding. On Friday morning when Daddy went to get me a nappy, I said No, pants! Daddy gave me big girl pants and I was very pleased. They took me into town wearing my pants on Friday because Amaia had to go to hospital. Today I even got to go to Ikea for the afternoon wearing my big-girl pants. I am very pleased to be a big girl now :-)

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