Don't look now ,, but I'm TWO already !

You'll never guess what happened this weekend ?
Mum & Dad had a party .,., There was a choo-choo train with candles on the table and Dad made a BIG Birthday cake with TWO candles on it as well ,,, they were all lit up and everything .,., and guess what ?
He put it down in front of me at the table .,., It seems that it was MY BIRTHDAY ! Wow !!
I got to blow out all the candles .,.,.,.,
Granny & Pumpa came and brought me a present .,., my very own BIG cooker with all kinds of pots & pans and knives & forks and stuff ,, I had great fun playing with it ,,,
Then auntie Amanda & uncle Derek came too with Gordy-Boo .,., They brought me a pressie too .,., It was great .,., a whole lot of bath toys, with their own net.
Mum & Dad gave me a great Elefun game, where the Elefun blows butterflies out it's trunk!!!
Marcel, Charlotte & Leon all bought pressies for me too .,., wasn't that really nice of them ?
A zebra, a panda and Tombliboo bubble bath. I love my big brothers & sister .,., and I'll tell you a secret .,.,., Mummy is bringing me another sister soon too !
I think this was the best day of my life so far ,,

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