A bit too scary

Worried by the puppet show!
Originally uploaded by PhylB
I'm not sure what Daddy was up to last night. He came into the green room carrying a big box, put two chairs with a duvet over them and then disappeared again. We were trapped in the room. Suddenly a small, doll-sized policeman appeared from behind the duvet and asked us our names. He could move and talk all by himself! Pudge was brave enough to tell him, but I wasn't sure I ought to talk to strange dolls I don't know. Two minutes later both a witch and a crocodile appeared from behind the duvet too, speaking Daddy's language. They were really scary so I ran over to mum and got up on her knee for protection. I don't know why Daddy allowed all these strange people in our house. Eventually they all disappeared and Daddy came back into the room. I told him I'd seem a scary crocodile but he didn't seem to take my worries at all seriously :-(

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