My slippers

My slippers
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Marcel went to visit Papa this evening. He left his slippers behind. I think I might just steal his slippers - they are just the right size for me.


I was sick :-(

I'm sick :-(
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I'm ok now but last week I was really not feeling very well. I couldn't eat and I kept falling asleep and my eyes just ran and ran. I was really miserable... so miserable I couldn't even eat my daily portion of clah :-(


We went to the Flicks !

Pumpa took me & Leon to the pictures yestertime .,., at his house !
We saw a mouse picture and it was very noisy !!
I think Granny said it was called Ratatouille or something.
It was all about a mouse that could cook .,.,
I slept thro' some of it I think , but Pumpa said I could see it again another day :)


Baby Baked

Baby scan
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Mummy is having a baby. I don't think mummy and daddy can decide what to call the baby so they asked me what name to choose. I replied 'Spis-chla' because it is important that everyone knows she will want to eat meat. I am not sure why they keep asking again and again what to call her because this is the only answer I am prepared to give! Baby Spis-chla!


Falling autumn leaves!

Falling autumn leaves!
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I'm not sure what's going on at the moment, it doesn't seem to be safe to walk through the park... the leaves keep jumping off the trees and attacking you!