Flying tractors!

There it is!
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Today Granny wanted to buy a new car. We went to a big car shop. It was a very interesting car shop because every 5 minutes a tractor just like the one Pudge and I are looking at in this picture flew above the car shop. I had great fun pointing at the flying tractors and shouting to my daddy 'tractor, tractor!'



A walk in Largs
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When we go out walking my biggest brother and sister sometimes like to take me by the hand and swing me in the middle. They always seem to be having so much fun I have to let them carry on just to humour them!


Daddy is making me sad

Daddy has started doing something that makes me sad.
We live across the road from some shops and a post office. Daddy is a member of Cinema Paradiso DVD club. Whenever he's watched a DVD he lets me carry it over to the shops. I feel very proud and important when he lets me carry the DVD to the shops. Then we see one of these red boxes and I don't want him to take the DVD and put it in the box because you can't get it out again. When he makes me put it in I cry so loud mummy can hear me all the way back at our house. No matter how loud I cry, he won't get it back out for me though. I just want to carry my letter back with me - is that so bad?


What kind of bird?

A ladybird
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Mamma and Daddy are confusing me again. This time with these little red bugs. Mamma seems to think they are a kind of bird so I repeat pip-pip when she says ladybird, then Daddy tells me it's a mariehøne so I say gok gok gok but it looks neither like a bird nor a hen to me!


Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3 at the bus stop
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Today turned out to be great fun.
Straight after lunch I heard Mummy telling Daddy she was going to get me to go for a nap in my buggy, Daddy would leave me in Granny's garden and then Mummy, Daddy and Pudge would go to the cinema.
I didn't know what the cinema was, so I figured the only way to find out was to refuse to fall asleep. The plan worked. Mummy knew Granny was watching the tennis so wouldn't want me under her feet if I was awake so they took me with them.
Firstly there was this big foyer with nice soft carpets and shops. Because Mum had planned for me to fall asleep I had no shoes on so it was nice to run around barefoot.
Then we got taken into a big room with lots of people and the biggest telly I have ever seen. I asked Daddy loudly what it was. He said 'shhh!' so I asked again louder. I was so happy I started to sing. Daddy said 'shhhh' again. When he put me on my own seat I screamed because I wanted to sit on the floor in the aisle. That was much better. First there were some adverts. By the end of those I was bored so wanted to walk around on the nice carpet. As the film started I fell down a stair and Daddy wasn't pleased when I started to cry. We went outside but came in again 2 minutes later. The film was fun, if a bit long. There were many baby animals in it so I shouted 'Mummy - baby!' a few times. I was really enjoying it so I sang and sang. Mummy and Daddy said 'shhh!' a lot.
At the end I heard Mummy saying 'I don't think Anna is old enough for the cinema yet!' That's odd because I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

A teeny-weeny pip-pip

good food
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When Farmor was here in May she taught me about pip-pips. She told me a seagull was a type of pip-pip, that a pigeon was a type of pip-pip and that a crow was a type of pip-pip. I found the word quite easy to say so I started talking a lot about pip-pips and pointing them out everywhere. Mummy calls them birds, but that's too hard to say so I call them pip-pips.
Yesterday when I was eating my lunch the strangest looking pip-pip I have ever seen landed on my sandwich. I pointed at it and told mummy and daddy to look quickly at it. Here is a photo of a pip-pip just like the one I saw.