Confused parents

a pig or a dog?
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My olds are doing my head in at the moment - I really don't see why they can't get together and agree before teaching me all that nonsense.
Daddy sits me down and tells me dogs say 'vov', chickens say 'gok', birds 'pip-pip' and frogs 'kvæk'. To impress him I repeat all of these unprompted, and even volunteer noises for sheep, snakes, donkeys and various other creatures. No sooner have I got all this right when mum tells me dogs 'woof', chickens 'cluck', birds 'tweet' and frogs 'ribbit'. I try to compromise on words like 'vof' and 'woov' but it isn't really working - it looks like I'm going to have to learn twice as many animal noises and any of my friends - hrumph!

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