Prestwick beach

Prestwick beach
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Today Mummy, Lots and Pudge took me to a beach. I am not sure I have really been on a beach before.. not sitting down myself anyway. Mum put me on the sand and I picked up lots of handfuls and filled a bucket. I did this for about an hour. It was great fun. Then I suddenly realized Lots and Pudge were running around. Maybe you can walk on sand!? I got up and tried and it worked! It was amazing. I spent the next 90 minutes running up and down and round in circles with my bucket getting my toes all sandy and I even found a huge big bath I could walk in at the edge of the beach. Mummy says it is called the sea. Mummy says the beach is just the nicest place in the world and I think she might be right. I think I want to go to the beach tomorrow and show it to Daddy too.


Adults are so easy to wind up

Anna and Thomas
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I just had the most fun I have ever had taking the mickey out of daddy. I asked him if I could play with his wedding ring, he gave me it and two seconds later it vanished. He picked me up and looked on the coffee table where I was sitting. I laughed a lot. Daddy looked on the couch, under the couch, through all Marcel's books, through some bags beside the table. He then looked down my throat! I sat laughing and laughing while he looked ever more frantically. After about 15 minutes, he was almost in shock.
Mum isn't quite as daft though. She told him to take off my clothes. Damn! When he took off my jeans it rolled out the side of my vest where I'd hidden it. Mum is a pain, I was having so much fun!


A move

Today daddy walked past me carrying my cot upstairs. That's a bit funny because I sleep in mummy and daddy's room downstairs. He put it in Léon's room. At bedtime he didn't bring it back down again. Am I going for a sleepover with the Pudgeman?


Confused parents

a pig or a dog?
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My olds are doing my head in at the moment - I really don't see why they can't get together and agree before teaching me all that nonsense.
Daddy sits me down and tells me dogs say 'vov', chickens say 'gok', birds 'pip-pip' and frogs 'kvæk'. To impress him I repeat all of these unprompted, and even volunteer noises for sheep, snakes, donkeys and various other creatures. No sooner have I got all this right when mum tells me dogs 'woof', chickens 'cluck', birds 'tweet' and frogs 'ribbit'. I try to compromise on words like 'vof' and 'woov' but it isn't really working - it looks like I'm going to have to learn twice as many animal noises and any of my friends - hrumph!


Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese
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Mum thinks all children like macaroni cheese, so does auntie Amanda. Maybe mum thinks that because she just loves cheese sauce but I need to make her understand that pasta is nice with cream or tomato-based sauces but anything vaguely cheesy is just vile on pasta. Cheese should be eaten whole in pieces from a plate not melted yuckily all over perfectly decent pasta. Yeuch!