A family resemblance
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This is me and Daddy sleeping together. I think I look quite like my Daddy. Of course he isn't quite as cute as me.



A walk in the snow
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This morning mummy took me out of my cot and gave me some milk. Pudge was in bed with us. Mummy got up and went to the toilet. Pudge suggested we go and play, so we went downstairs and hid behind the curtains. Mummy was very surprised to find me downstairs. Mummy didn't know I knew how to go downstairs myself. She looked a bit worried when she found out how clever I am.


Cooking is good fun!

Anna loves to cook
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Today Dad and I cooked dinner together.

Dad cut up a onion and started a fire under a pan and put on the onion, and he then gave me a piece of wood so that I could stir it.

It was good fun, although I burned myself twice.

I cried a bit and Dad put my hand under running cold water, and he then wanted to put me on the floor, but I cried again until he realised that I was not going to stop cooking just because of a wee burn.

When the onions were done, Dad took them away and I started to cry again, until he gave me the empty pan back.

Cooking is good fun, it's just a shame Dad won't let me be in charge!



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I found this excellent new game. You open all 13 of these drawers and empty out all the stuff into one pile and then you wait for mummy to put everything back before you do it again... Sometimes you can even jam the living room door closed with the nappies in the bottom drawer.
I'm not sure mummy likes my game :-(


My first snowman

Anna's first snowman
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Now that's weird! I wake up this morning and everything is white: the garden, the car, the house. Mum puts loads of coats on us then drags us out in this funny chunky rain and starts rolling big white balls on the lawn until she's made what looks like a big white person - fascinating... and definitely fun!