Mum and I

Anna and I
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She's at it again. She first started it on the 30th of December but fortunately after that I got a bit sick so she let me back in the bed but for some reason she's at it again. On Saturday she didn't let me have any milk during the night and kept putting me back in bed. For nearly 2 hours I had a stand off with her and despite getting up 2 or 3 times every minute she kept lying me back down again. I tried it again last night. I got angrier and angrier with her but I think she's maybe getting angry back - she called me some rather strange names last night... At first her and daddy were nice to me at 3am, and even at 4am but by 6am daddy was muttering something about work from under the duvet while mummy was getting up every minute, practically throwing me back under my blankets and shouting something that sounded like Muck's sake Anna! I wonder what that means?

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