A bit too scary

Worried by the puppet show!
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I'm not sure what Daddy was up to last night. He came into the green room carrying a big box, put two chairs with a duvet over them and then disappeared again. We were trapped in the room. Suddenly a small, doll-sized policeman appeared from behind the duvet and asked us our names. He could move and talk all by himself! Pudge was brave enough to tell him, but I wasn't sure I ought to talk to strange dolls I don't know. Two minutes later both a witch and a crocodile appeared from behind the duvet too, speaking Daddy's language. They were really scary so I ran over to mum and got up on her knee for protection. I don't know why Daddy allowed all these strange people in our house. Eventually they all disappeared and Daddy came back into the room. I told him I'd seem a scary crocodile but he didn't seem to take my worries at all seriously :-(

Don't look now ,, but I'm TWO already !

You'll never guess what happened this weekend ?
Mum & Dad had a party .,., There was a choo-choo train with candles on the table and Dad made a BIG Birthday cake with TWO candles on it as well ,,, they were all lit up and everything .,., and guess what ?
He put it down in front of me at the table .,., It seems that it was MY BIRTHDAY ! Wow !!
I got to blow out all the candles .,.,.,.,
Granny & Pumpa came and brought me a present .,., my very own BIG cooker with all kinds of pots & pans and knives & forks and stuff ,, I had great fun playing with it ,,,
Then auntie Amanda & uncle Derek came too with Gordy-Boo .,., They brought me a pressie too .,., It was great .,., a whole lot of bath toys, with their own net.
Mum & Dad gave me a great Elefun game, where the Elefun blows butterflies out it's trunk!!!
Marcel, Charlotte & Leon all bought pressies for me too .,., wasn't that really nice of them ?
A zebra, a panda and Tombliboo bubble bath. I love my big brothers & sister .,., and I'll tell you a secret .,.,., Mummy is bringing me another sister soon too !
I think this was the best day of my life so far ,,


Sleeping on Baked

I got a chest infection two days ago and I didn't feel well. Fortunately Baked let me lie on her all day and sleep and that (along with the medicine the doctor gave me) made me feel much better - though I think mummy has a sore back now with both us girls on her belly all day.


My slippers

My slippers
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Marcel went to visit Papa this evening. He left his slippers behind. I think I might just steal his slippers - they are just the right size for me.


I was sick :-(

I'm sick :-(
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I'm ok now but last week I was really not feeling very well. I couldn't eat and I kept falling asleep and my eyes just ran and ran. I was really miserable... so miserable I couldn't even eat my daily portion of clah :-(


We went to the Flicks !

Pumpa took me & Leon to the pictures yestertime .,., at his house !
We saw a mouse picture and it was very noisy !!
I think Granny said it was called Ratatouille or something.
It was all about a mouse that could cook .,.,
I slept thro' some of it I think , but Pumpa said I could see it again another day :)


Baby Baked

Baby scan
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Mummy is having a baby. I don't think mummy and daddy can decide what to call the baby so they asked me what name to choose. I replied 'Spis-chla' because it is important that everyone knows she will want to eat meat. I am not sure why they keep asking again and again what to call her because this is the only answer I am prepared to give! Baby Spis-chla!


Falling autumn leaves!

Falling autumn leaves!
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I'm not sure what's going on at the moment, it doesn't seem to be safe to walk through the park... the leaves keep jumping off the trees and attacking you!



At Rouken Glen Park
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Yesterday I went with Mummy to the hospital to see our baby. It was ok but a bit long and boring. After a few hours I got fed up and started to cry. A big tall doctor patted me on the head. What a cheek, I thought. So I just told him as loudly as I could: No! That's my hair!


I love to hide

I have discovered a great new game. I wrap the curtains around me and when an adult comes into the room I jump out and surprise them. They never know where I am hiding so it is great fun! Adults are really easy to scare :-)


Yummy biscuits Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yummy biscuits Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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The last thing I remember was starting to eat a yummy biscuit in Daddy's car. It was sooooo tiring to eat the biscuit that I fell asleep and had a lovely dream about biscuits!



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Daddy asked me to come and pick courgettes in the garden last week in Tuscany. I have to say courgettes are awfully heavy in Tuscany! :-(


Flying tractors!

There it is!
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Today Granny wanted to buy a new car. We went to a big car shop. It was a very interesting car shop because every 5 minutes a tractor just like the one Pudge and I are looking at in this picture flew above the car shop. I had great fun pointing at the flying tractors and shouting to my daddy 'tractor, tractor!'



A walk in Largs
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When we go out walking my biggest brother and sister sometimes like to take me by the hand and swing me in the middle. They always seem to be having so much fun I have to let them carry on just to humour them!


Daddy is making me sad

Daddy has started doing something that makes me sad.
We live across the road from some shops and a post office. Daddy is a member of Cinema Paradiso DVD club. Whenever he's watched a DVD he lets me carry it over to the shops. I feel very proud and important when he lets me carry the DVD to the shops. Then we see one of these red boxes and I don't want him to take the DVD and put it in the box because you can't get it out again. When he makes me put it in I cry so loud mummy can hear me all the way back at our house. No matter how loud I cry, he won't get it back out for me though. I just want to carry my letter back with me - is that so bad?


What kind of bird?

A ladybird
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Mamma and Daddy are confusing me again. This time with these little red bugs. Mamma seems to think they are a kind of bird so I repeat pip-pip when she says ladybird, then Daddy tells me it's a mariehøne so I say gok gok gok but it looks neither like a bird nor a hen to me!


Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3 at the bus stop
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Today turned out to be great fun.
Straight after lunch I heard Mummy telling Daddy she was going to get me to go for a nap in my buggy, Daddy would leave me in Granny's garden and then Mummy, Daddy and Pudge would go to the cinema.
I didn't know what the cinema was, so I figured the only way to find out was to refuse to fall asleep. The plan worked. Mummy knew Granny was watching the tennis so wouldn't want me under her feet if I was awake so they took me with them.
Firstly there was this big foyer with nice soft carpets and shops. Because Mum had planned for me to fall asleep I had no shoes on so it was nice to run around barefoot.
Then we got taken into a big room with lots of people and the biggest telly I have ever seen. I asked Daddy loudly what it was. He said 'shhh!' so I asked again louder. I was so happy I started to sing. Daddy said 'shhhh' again. When he put me on my own seat I screamed because I wanted to sit on the floor in the aisle. That was much better. First there were some adverts. By the end of those I was bored so wanted to walk around on the nice carpet. As the film started I fell down a stair and Daddy wasn't pleased when I started to cry. We went outside but came in again 2 minutes later. The film was fun, if a bit long. There were many baby animals in it so I shouted 'Mummy - baby!' a few times. I was really enjoying it so I sang and sang. Mummy and Daddy said 'shhh!' a lot.
At the end I heard Mummy saying 'I don't think Anna is old enough for the cinema yet!' That's odd because I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

A teeny-weeny pip-pip

good food
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When Farmor was here in May she taught me about pip-pips. She told me a seagull was a type of pip-pip, that a pigeon was a type of pip-pip and that a crow was a type of pip-pip. I found the word quite easy to say so I started talking a lot about pip-pips and pointing them out everywhere. Mummy calls them birds, but that's too hard to say so I call them pip-pips.
Yesterday when I was eating my lunch the strangest looking pip-pip I have ever seen landed on my sandwich. I pointed at it and told mummy and daddy to look quickly at it. Here is a photo of a pip-pip just like the one I saw.


Prestwick beach

Prestwick beach
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Today Mummy, Lots and Pudge took me to a beach. I am not sure I have really been on a beach before.. not sitting down myself anyway. Mum put me on the sand and I picked up lots of handfuls and filled a bucket. I did this for about an hour. It was great fun. Then I suddenly realized Lots and Pudge were running around. Maybe you can walk on sand!? I got up and tried and it worked! It was amazing. I spent the next 90 minutes running up and down and round in circles with my bucket getting my toes all sandy and I even found a huge big bath I could walk in at the edge of the beach. Mummy says it is called the sea. Mummy says the beach is just the nicest place in the world and I think she might be right. I think I want to go to the beach tomorrow and show it to Daddy too.


Adults are so easy to wind up

Anna and Thomas
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I just had the most fun I have ever had taking the mickey out of daddy. I asked him if I could play with his wedding ring, he gave me it and two seconds later it vanished. He picked me up and looked on the coffee table where I was sitting. I laughed a lot. Daddy looked on the couch, under the couch, through all Marcel's books, through some bags beside the table. He then looked down my throat! I sat laughing and laughing while he looked ever more frantically. After about 15 minutes, he was almost in shock.
Mum isn't quite as daft though. She told him to take off my clothes. Damn! When he took off my jeans it rolled out the side of my vest where I'd hidden it. Mum is a pain, I was having so much fun!


A move

Today daddy walked past me carrying my cot upstairs. That's a bit funny because I sleep in mummy and daddy's room downstairs. He put it in Léon's room. At bedtime he didn't bring it back down again. Am I going for a sleepover with the Pudgeman?


Confused parents

a pig or a dog?
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My olds are doing my head in at the moment - I really don't see why they can't get together and agree before teaching me all that nonsense.
Daddy sits me down and tells me dogs say 'vov', chickens say 'gok', birds 'pip-pip' and frogs 'kvæk'. To impress him I repeat all of these unprompted, and even volunteer noises for sheep, snakes, donkeys and various other creatures. No sooner have I got all this right when mum tells me dogs 'woof', chickens 'cluck', birds 'tweet' and frogs 'ribbit'. I try to compromise on words like 'vof' and 'woov' but it isn't really working - it looks like I'm going to have to learn twice as many animal noises and any of my friends - hrumph!


Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese
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Mum thinks all children like macaroni cheese, so does auntie Amanda. Maybe mum thinks that because she just loves cheese sauce but I need to make her understand that pasta is nice with cream or tomato-based sauces but anything vaguely cheesy is just vile on pasta. Cheese should be eaten whole in pieces from a plate not melted yuckily all over perfectly decent pasta. Yeuch!



On the table
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These are my favourite pyjamas. Carol bought me them. Whenever I wear them, I point are each of the flowers and say 'wower'. Mummy is very impressed when I say 'wower'.


Who spilled the salt?

Who spilled the salt?
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Mummy seems to think it was me who spilled the salt on the table - I'm not sure why she doesn't believe me when I deny it...


Proud sister

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Today Charlotte was very proud of me. She came into the dining room and I was sitting on the table. She said 'Hi there Bitsy-Boo! to me so I said Bitsy-Boo back. I don't think she was expecting that!



Dinosaur battles
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Mum says she's proud of me today for deciding to walk more than crawling, for the first time ever.



Anna likes Marcel's shoes
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One of the best things about living with so many people is the fact that everyone is always leaving big shoes around for me to try on. Once I get them on I can walk round the house in the big shoes and have great fun. Last week I tried mum's and Marcel's (right) - they are the same size, you know.



A family resemblance
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This is me and Daddy sleeping together. I think I look quite like my Daddy. Of course he isn't quite as cute as me.



A walk in the snow
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This morning mummy took me out of my cot and gave me some milk. Pudge was in bed with us. Mummy got up and went to the toilet. Pudge suggested we go and play, so we went downstairs and hid behind the curtains. Mummy was very surprised to find me downstairs. Mummy didn't know I knew how to go downstairs myself. She looked a bit worried when she found out how clever I am.


Cooking is good fun!

Anna loves to cook
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Today Dad and I cooked dinner together.

Dad cut up a onion and started a fire under a pan and put on the onion, and he then gave me a piece of wood so that I could stir it.

It was good fun, although I burned myself twice.

I cried a bit and Dad put my hand under running cold water, and he then wanted to put me on the floor, but I cried again until he realised that I was not going to stop cooking just because of a wee burn.

When the onions were done, Dad took them away and I started to cry again, until he gave me the empty pan back.

Cooking is good fun, it's just a shame Dad won't let me be in charge!



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I found this excellent new game. You open all 13 of these drawers and empty out all the stuff into one pile and then you wait for mummy to put everything back before you do it again... Sometimes you can even jam the living room door closed with the nappies in the bottom drawer.
I'm not sure mummy likes my game :-(


My first snowman

Anna's first snowman
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Now that's weird! I wake up this morning and everything is white: the garden, the car, the house. Mum puts loads of coats on us then drags us out in this funny chunky rain and starts rolling big white balls on the lawn until she's made what looks like a big white person - fascinating... and definitely fun!



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I'm definitely getting the hang of this words thing - though I am not sure mum is.
Today Auntie Amanda taught me to say 'cat' and 'kitten'. I tried 'Pumpa' too. Mummy is just thrilled now I call her 'Meemee' but yesterday mum kept showing me pictures of grey balls and every time I said 'ball' she said 'no, moon' - It must be a bit confusing for adults sometimes because I could clearly see it was a grey ball.


Mum and I

Anna and I
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She's at it again. She first started it on the 30th of December but fortunately after that I got a bit sick so she let me back in the bed but for some reason she's at it again. On Saturday she didn't let me have any milk during the night and kept putting me back in bed. For nearly 2 hours I had a stand off with her and despite getting up 2 or 3 times every minute she kept lying me back down again. I tried it again last night. I got angrier and angrier with her but I think she's maybe getting angry back - she called me some rather strange names last night... At first her and daddy were nice to me at 3am, and even at 4am but by 6am daddy was muttering something about work from under the duvet while mummy was getting up every minute, practically throwing me back under my blankets and shouting something that sounded like Muck's sake Anna! I wonder what that means?

Mummy and Daddy

Thomas Anna and I at lunch
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Parents are a bit weird I think. They are so easily amused. Today I picked up a picture book. I leafed through the pages. I came to a teddy bear, so of course I said teddy. They ran about the room clapping as if I had said something mind-blowing. Then I saw a doll. I couldn't remember what that was called so I pointed at that and asked girl? Again they started bouncing about as if I was reciting Einstein's theory of relativity. By the time I'd mentioned my shoes and said bye, bye as Charlotte went off to bed they had practically entered me for a Nobel prize. It's really quite simple this talking lark, isn't it?


No more juggling please!

Baby jugglingOriginally uploaded by PhylB
When I was wee (6 months ago) Daddy used to make me stand on his hand and it was great fun. I would stand there balancing for minutes on end laughing. Then something happened... I discovered fear. Now whenever Daddy tries to juggle me, I collapse my legs, cling onto him and look accusingly into his eyes in the hope it puts him off. It is just tooooo scary!


Clever me

Cleverer me
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I'm feeling very pleased with myself today. Yesterday mum was upstairs hoovering and I was downstairs. It suddenly occurred to me how you get up that large obstacle between the two floors. Now I'm going to have fuuuuuun!


Eating grapes

Eating grapes
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Mum and dad have been buying a lot of these big, round, green things. It is fun to try to see how many you can fit in your mouth at once and still chew!