Me and Mum

Me and Anna
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Mum and I are having a bit of a stand off at the moment.
It started a few days ago when my 7th tooth started to come through. For some reason mum thinks I am being unreasonable grinding my teeth on her boobs when I am drinking milk. I am simply trying to find the right position for my tongue and teeth now the inside of my mouth has changed but mum is a bit angry at the 7 toothsized open wounds she has round each nipple.
Mum is also annoyed that I like to have milk during the night. She says I am too big a girl for milk during the night. Maybe I am too big but I like it so I am going to win our fight. Mum says she is going to win.
Last night I fell asleep at about 10-30 in the evening. At 1-20 in the morning I decided I'd like a little milk. Mum gave me a little and I bit her. Mum put me back in my bed and said I wasn't getting any more. I know mum, if I scream loud and long enough I will win so when she put me in bed at 1-25 I stood up and screamed angrily at her. She came over, picked me up, said no and laid me down. Huh? I stood up again and screamed, she laid me down again. Over the next 2 hours and 10 minutes I stood up and screamed at her 45 more times and she laid me down 45 times saying no. I didn't realize mum could be as stubborn as me. A few times she even shouted nasty words at me. Eventually I lost my voice and lay down exhausted. I didn't waken up again till 10-45 in the morning. When I got up I gave mum a big hug just in case she remembered about our fight but it seems she's forgotten about it for now.
I bet I can make her give me milk tonight though.

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