Daddy - save me from this strange, hairy weirdo!

Today was a very scary day. We went to mummy and daddy's work which was ok. We danced and ate sweets and crisps. We played with some other babies - so far so good. Then we queued for a few minutes outside a little red house. A strange woman, mummy said she was an elf, asked daddy my name and daddy said Anna. She let daddy go inside. There was a very big, red, hairy person in the corner of the room. I have no idea what daddy was thinking at this point - he only went and handed me over to the scary hairy one. I burst into tears and pleaded with daddy, looking deep into his eyes registering my profound sense of betrayal. He picked me up and we left with a soft bear in a purple jacket. I will not be bought by furry toys. Mummy wasn't much better. She just stood there taking photos. How can you trust parents like that?

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