The Sleepers

Pumpa says I'm a wee devil !
We always start out with the best of intentions ,, we'll play we say ,,, But ...
Every time I fall asleep on his knee he falls asleep too !!
Today we started watching the Chelsea vs Arsenal football match together on Pumpa's chair and when Mummy & Daddy came back from DIY'ing and woke us up again .,., the game was all finished !!
Ooops, sorry Pumpa ,,,


What happened?

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The weirdest thing happened to me today. First I was standing holding the handle to the oven in the kitchen watching mummy peel potatoes. Then I noticed a little Santa Claus toy on the floor - it was red and shiny and I wanted to see it so I bent down and picked it up. I stroked its eyes and pulled its hat and then I realized - if I was holding it with my right hand and stroking it with my left hand, then which hand was I using to hold me up? I checked my left hand, then I checked my right hand then I looked at my feet and instantly decided I ought to sit down as no one was holding me up... Hmmm, I wonder how that happened? Who exactly had been holding me?


Andrex puppy

Andrex puppy
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For some reason mummy doesn't seem very pleased with me when I shred a whole toilet roll. I'm not sure why because it was great fun.



Drying by the fire
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My bum is bright red, covered in spots and nippy when I poo. Mummy says it is called nappy rash. She's not sure if it is caused by my new teeth or by the antibiotics she's taking for her chesty cough but it better get fixed by the cream she's putting on it pdq or I'm going to go mad!



Anna looking at photos
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I've discovered that there are lots of nice pictures of people I know on the walls – Léon, Charlotte, Marcel, mum, dad and others.

When dad or granny carry me around, I point at the photos and they tell me who's on them.

Mum doesn't seem to be interested in photos, so I never point at photos with her.



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For some reason adults seem to like it when you clamp your mouth onto theirs and suck on them. They go all slushy on you. I think they call it 'kisses'.


What's mum's problem?

Mum seems to be getting awfully upset at me lately. Sometimes she screams and shouts and drags me away from what I am doing. For example last week she got quite annoyed when I found a used spoon on the floor and decided to use it to eat leftovers from the day before that I found on the mat under my highchair. I mean to say - what's wrong with a little green bread or a hairy chunk of meat? And the following day she went ballistic - pulling me out of the bathroom screaming at me that I was disgusting. My mouth was hot and sore because of a new tooth that's coming through, so I couldn't see anything wrong with cooling it down by sucking on the cold porcelain toilet bowl - Léon had left the seat up so it was easy to reach. What was wrong with that?


Chocolate digestives

Chocolate digestives
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Granny gave me a chocolate biscuit yesterday. It was delicious!

I can pull myself up at the dishwasher

I've noticed this week that I can use all sorts of different pieces of furniture to help me stand up. Some things, like the table, are easy to sit back down from again, but the dishwasher is more tricky. When I stand up there I can't sit down again. Then all I can do is take all the knives and forks out of the cutlery holder and put them on the floor.


Bees and vampires

Bees and vampires
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Yesterday we went to visit Derek and Amanda. They put me in a funny puffy T-shirt with wings. When daddy turned up he painted himself white and put in some pointed teeth. I could see it was daddy so I couldn't understand why Pudge was scared and Gordy and his friehds looked so worried. I didn't think he was frightening at all.