Using the toilet

Jeanneke Pis
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Today dad and I were going to have a nice bath.

He undressed us both, and he then went over to the white thing that mum sometimes sits on.

Then something weird happened: Yellow water started running out of dad and hitting the water in the white thing. I leant forward to study the phenomenon.

Then something even stranger happened: I suddenly started to pee myself, and as soon as dad noticed, he held me over the water so that my pee would hid the water, too.

Afterwards, he gave me a big kiss and said I was very clever, so I peed a bit more.

He then put me down on the blue bath mat and placed Léon at the toilet.

And isn't it funny? As soon as I heard the tinkling sound, I started to pee again.

I wonder whether they're going to try this again some day...

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Phyl said...

Clever girl!Do you want to start potty training already?