Don't touch mummy's computer, Bits!!!!

She screams this at me but I ignore her. What's her problem anyway? I click a few buttons, it turns round, big deal! I think it looks nicer this way up. I am such a clever girl, amn't I? I wonder if I know intuitively how to bugger her computer because daddy's a computer nerd? This is the second time I've broken her computer recently :-)

Silly health visitor

Happy cruising
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Today mum took me to the health visitor to have some jags. I didn't cry when she gave me two jags - I am so clever.
Afterwards I wondered if she was a bit mad - she said to mum. I have a questionnaire to fill out here, can you answer a few questions:
1) Can Anna eat lumpy food?
Huh? I had lasagne and chips for dinner last night - what is this woman on?
2) Can Anna sit unaided now?
Sit unaided? SIT UNAIDED??? Is she barking - I've been sitting for 5 months - shouldn't she be asking if I can cruise the furniture, silly cow!?


Anna's lasagne

Anna's lasagne
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Tonight Marcel made some nice dinner. Pudge told me it was called ñaña. I liked it very much especially once mummy gave up trying to put it in my mouth and gave me the spoon so I could do it myself. At last she's realized I want to feed myself!


All better

All better
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I'm not having the best of weeks. On Sunday I got stung and had a very sore face all day. The next day I developed a fever and didn't feel like eating. I had the fever and didn't eat or sleep from Monday till today (I wonder if I caught a virus or if it was related to the sting?) Mum is getting a bit fed up now - she hasn't slept more than 30 minutes uninterrupted since Sunday and today she's had to change a dozen nappies... because all I have eaten all week is breastmilk, I have gone back to pooing like before I ever had food. She's got a cheek to moan though - I haven't eaten or slept either and I've been sick.


OUCH :-(

Today I was sitting in the garden in my buggy at Granny and Pumpa's house minding my own business when something, a nasty wasp I think, landed on my face and stung me. I didn't cry very much about the sting but I cried quite a lot when Pumpa tried to hold an ice cube on it. Mum gave me piriton and calpol which helped a little. Granny gave me chocolate buttons which helped a lot.
Daddy thinks I am very brave. He is very proud of me, but then I had stopped crying when he arrived.


My first Danish pastry

Anna's first Danish pastry
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This morning Marcel and Charlotte got up early and went out with Brita to buy some Danish pastries and rolls with seeds on for breakfast. So I got to taste my first ever Danish pastry. I think it was very nice.



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Farmor has a greenhouse with grapes growing in it. I have learned how to pick them by myself and eat them. They taste nice.

On a wall

on a wall
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I think I look very cute sitting on the old stone wall in front of Farmor's church, don't you?