That's a big tower!

That's a big tower!
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At the weekend mummy and daddy took me on an aeroplane again - just one this time.
We landed in a place where everyone was speaking that language mummy speaks to Pudge and I when we are alone in the mornings.
It was raining quite a lot :-(
We went on a bus and by the time we got to the city it had stopped.
We went to a place where they sold very big ice creams. We saw this nice tower (and a nice man gave me a little silver copy of it just because I was looking cute in the park).
Then we saw some pretty white churches. Mum said she doesn't understand why they have to use such nice buildings for religious purposes! I think she'd like Notre Dame better if they made it a curry restaurant like the church in Glasgow!
I got to taste onion soup and baguette and all the waiters loved me so so much they gave me free biscuits and hugged me.
There was even a wee girl on the metro train who said to her mum a few times Je peux donner un p'tit bisou au bébé? - when her mum ignored her pleas she jumped on me from nowhere and smothered me with kisses... I guess I must be the bébé in question!
It is just a shame the guys were in a different part of France - I think we'd have had fun there together.

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