Funny day

Amanda, Gordy and Anna
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Saturday was a weird day. Mum and dad got me up and dressed, then mum ran about dragging suitcases out of cupboards and trying on all sorts of different clothes. The first thing she tried was a nice yellow dress but it had a hole in it so she ended up in a red one and was complaining her make up and nail varnish would need to be redone. Daddy took out a strange pink rope and tied it round his neck. Then we drove to Granny and Pumpa's house.
Mummy and Daddy then went away. I was sure they'd be back in a minute but they didn't come back, so I played with Gordy. He kissed me a lot. Then Amanda came and we had a conversation.
I was getting hungry and couldn't see any milk on the horizon but Granny gave me juice and a chip and some bread and some babyfood, so that was ok. Then, next time I ask for milk, they gave me a yogurt and some funny milk in a cup. It was ok so I played and slept some more. Then it got dark and my mummy's milk still wasn't back - I decided I ought to tell them this was unacceptable. Soon mummy came through the door - Pumpa was holding me and I showed them by making my mouth very square, that that wasn't to happen again. After 10 minutes milk, all was well again and daddy let me play with the funny pink rope while mummy let me play with her shoe.

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