Boring parents

Yesterday evening, I had a quick nap, but when I woke up, dad had carried me upstairs into bed.

However, I obviously wasn't ready to go to bed yet, so I told them in no uncertain terms, especially after they switched off the light so that I couldn't see a thing.

At some point, dad carried me over to the window, which was OK because I could watch the cars zooming past, but then he took me back to bed.

I wasn't sleepy at all, just bored, so of course I protested.

Mum and dad for some reason thought I had a sore stomach, so they kept putting me on my front, which just made me more angry.

Finally, dad had the good sense to switch on the light, and mum handed me my favourite book, and I could finally enjoy myself while mum and dad dozed off.

I don't understand why they went to bed that early – it wasn't even midnight yet!

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