A nice visit

Anna and her Großvater
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I got a nice surprise this weekend – Großvater came all the way from Denmark to visit me!

He started out by feeding me bread (see the photo), and he carried me around a lot, so I was happy.

I even got used to being called Annele again – it's quite impressive that he's making my name and Ursula's rhyme!

For some odd reason, Farmor didn't come with him this time. Pudge claimed she was with Oma in France, but I'm not sure he was right. He left the next day to investigate further, and he's not back yet.

Now he's gone back, but Mum and Dad say we'll go over to visit them soon. That'll be nice!


Chips anyone?

Chips anyone?
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Mum was very surprised last night when I ate an adult chicken rogan josh curry liquidized. She thought it was a bit strong for a 6 month old baby. Tonight she was equally surprised when I started munching my way through Léon's chips. This time I managed to chew them myself without the liquidizer! Who needs teeth?


Daddy's meme

Poor Daddy doesn't seem to have much luck getting anybody to follow up on his story-writing meme.

So being a sweet and clever girl, I'd better do it, even if he didn't think I was big enough to participate.

Here's my bit:

It was Baby Bridget's bedtime. Lucinda put a clean nappy and nice cosy pyjamas on her. She then breastfed her for the better part of an hour, and then she put her into her cot. [Continue reading here.]

I tag big brother Léon to write the preceding paragraph.



Red Anna
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So it came and went yesterday - my 6 months birthday - and did daddy come home and make me a banana cake with a flag like last month? Did he hell - just cos the olds are on a diet I don't even get anything resembling a birthday cake despite being big and clever and sitting up and reading books and everything. What a cheek!


Red Anna

Red Anna
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Mummy decided to take a lot of photos of me last week in my red summer clothes. Mum has a nice red photo of the others on the living room wall so wanted to put me there too. Unfortunately she is having printing problems with her computer so she might need to borrow daddy's nice yellow computer to print me out.


Boring parents

Yesterday evening, I had a quick nap, but when I woke up, dad had carried me upstairs into bed.

However, I obviously wasn't ready to go to bed yet, so I told them in no uncertain terms, especially after they switched off the light so that I couldn't see a thing.

At some point, dad carried me over to the window, which was OK because I could watch the cars zooming past, but then he took me back to bed.

I wasn't sleepy at all, just bored, so of course I protested.

Mum and dad for some reason thought I had a sore stomach, so they kept putting me on my front, which just made me more angry.

Finally, dad had the good sense to switch on the light, and mum handed me my favourite book, and I could finally enjoy myself while mum and dad dozed off.

I don't understand why they went to bed that early – it wasn't even midnight yet!


I'm famous

It seems that eating a water melon is newsworthy when you are just 5 months old. This week the BBC published me and my melon! And today they are even using me on BBC Scotland's homepage (bottom left) to advertise the photographic feature. Am I not a clever girl?


Blogging on daddy's computer

For some reason daddy seems to think this is his computer. He's wrong because I think it is mine. I like it best of all the computers in the house. I like to bite its shiny silver surface. I like to press the buttons. But most of all I like to suck the side where the two blue lights are.

Happy in Léon's armchair

Happy in Léon's armchair
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A few weeks ago we went to Ikea. Daddy saw this armchair and thought Léon would like it. He didn't buy me one because I didn't know how to sit up. I liked it so much I learned to sit so I could borrow it from Léon. You know what - I think I might steal it from him it is so comfy!


Not food

Gumming a bangle
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This, on the other hand, didn't taste anything like as good as that huge greenball with the juicy red inside. But it was fun to chew all the same!

Cool, sweet and juicy

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Today mum and dad introduced me to something wonderful!

I don't know what it's called, but boy was it good!

Mum put piece after piece in my mouth, and I would then sook and sook till it was warm and there was no more juice coming out.

Dad would then cut off the bit I was done with, and I would move on to the next bit.

I hope they'll buy this again soon!

This is fun!

For some reason everyone keeps telling me 5 months is too young to be walking along the couch, but I don't really see why. It is a fun thing to do.



74Phyl at Primary School
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I'm already looking forward to starting school in four years' time.

Dad has found out what the others in my class will be called.

He says he thinks the girls will be called Sophie A and Sophie B, Grace C and Grace D, Emma, Lucy, Eilidh, Katie, Iona, Olivia and Sarah. And the boys will be called Adam E, Adam F, Jack G, Jack H, Max I, Max J, Andrew, Matthew, Thomas (like Dad!), Daniel and Ross.

Do you think I'll look as cool as mum did in her tie?



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This is the weirdest ball I've ever seen mum. How did you make it out of thin air? I'm sure if I just concentrate hard enough I'll be able to catch it with my hand... oops POP! Where did it go????


My new favourite dish

Wee beef-eater
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A couple of days ago, Granny and Pumpa came round for dinner.

They brought some reddish lumps of something that Daddy put on the barbecue after making it smell strangely like something he sometimes drinks.

While they were eating, Daddy and Granny let me suck some of it, and it was just wonderful, almost as good as bananas!

I sucked and sucked, but they didn't let go, so I only got the juices. Fortunately, Mummy filled up my tummy with lots of milk afterwards.