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On Sunday Mummy drove me and daddy and the guys to the beach. It was cool. I saw Scottish palm trees for the first time, loads of them, and then I was given some cappuccino ice cream. Mum says I'm lucky because she was nearly 5 before she first tasted Nardini's ice cream. Afterwards Marcel and Lots bought big sticky lollies and let me taste one. I thought it might not be good for my teeth so I borrowed mum's toothbrush when I got home but I couldn't find any teeth to brush!


I can sit

Sitting Anna
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I can sit properly now. Yesterday I sat for twenty minutes watching my cousin Gordy's train. Mummy and Daddy are very pleased with me. But I think I am even more pleased with me.


5 months

Birthday cake, Danish style
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I was born five months ago today!

To celebrate, dad made me my favourite meal – mashed banana – and decorated it with a Danish flag. :-)


Cold and chocolatey

Anna's first ice cream
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Today dad was eating something brown and white on a stick.

Suddenly he stuck it into my mouth!

It was lovely – very cold, and tasting of both milk and chocolate.




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Today I was lying on my mat, just like in this photo. I was moving from side to side the way I like to do, when suddenly I found myself lying on my tummy... how did that happen? I must try to make it happen again tomorrow so daddy can see.