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Anna and friends
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In Denmark, mum and dad took me round to meet other kids my own age.
Thursday, we went to visit Lisbeth, who is the daughter of dad's old friend Marianne and a nice guy called Stefan. Marianne and dad thought we should one day both become members of something called the BEST in TĂ…GEKAMMERET. I wonder what that is, but it sounds like fun. Lisbeth was good fun to play with, and I think she was smaller than me even though she is a lot (six weeks!) older.
Two days later, we went for brunch with my big second cousin Karl (his mum, Elisabeth, is dad's cousin; his dad is called Peter). Although he's only two months older than me, he's much bigger and is already eating real food. He was really nice, though. Perhaps he'll take me out dancing one day.
Later that day, we went round to another of dad's cousins, Henrik, and his wife Ulla. At first I thought they had no kids, but that was because they were sleeping in the garden. It turned out they had a daughter six days younger than me, so I'm not the youngest in the family! She's called Olivia, and I think she'll be good fun, but we had to leave just after she woke up. She also has a big sister, but given that she's five times older than me, I don't know whether we'll ever be able to play together.

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