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I have found something to suck that tastes almost as good as mummy's boobs - yummy! Mummy says my brothers and sister never did this.


Wet eyes

Anna's first tears
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Today when I was crying because nasty mummy decided to feed Léon, Lots, Marcel, Robert and Duncan first, some weird wet stuff started pouring out of my eyes! What's that all about?



Learning to rattle
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Today I started wearing my 3-6 month clothes. Mummy says Charlotte was 4.5 months old before they fitted her but I am only 2 months and 3 weeks old. Amn't I a clever big girl?


The ultimate gadget

The ultimate gadget
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Daddy bought a gadget at the weekend. Mummy thinks he's mad!


What a day :-(

I was going to blog this yesterday but I was just so traumatized I couldn't!
Mummy said we were going to the doctor's. The other times I have been there they took off my clothes and told mummy I was beautiful and healthy so I figured another adoration session would be ok. We got there and there were 5 other babies also there, all in blue. Their mummies were all talking to eachother - 4 were 4 weeks older than me, 1 was 3 weeks younger. Their mummies had all been told to come at 2pm so there was a bit of a babyjam. Their mummies were having this bizarre conversation neither me nor mummy could understand. They were all complaining how difficult it was to go away anywhere with a baby... saying that airports made the mummies open all their bottles and taste them before a flight, meaning they were no longer sterile and this seemed to upset the mummies. Then they were saying how once on holiday the babies all cried all the time as foreign formula milk tasted different from SMA. What are they all on? Here I suck my mummy's boobs, on a plane I'll do the same and whether I land in London or Tasmania, I'll do the same there just like Pudge did all the way to New York - what is all the fuss about? I can only assume these poor wee guys are being forced to drink some fake milk out of one of those yucky bottles mummy once tried to feed me her milk in so she could go out. I don't understand why these wee guys didn't just plain refuse like I did! Makes for a much easier life!
One mum seemed to annoy mummy more than the others. She was saying how hard it was to look after a baby so she had paid another lady, I think she called her a nanny, to live with her while she was on maternity leave. That mummy didn't even know how to put her baby's snowsuit on, she had to ask the nanny to do that. My mummy was seething about that for some reason! She thinks looking after kids isn't so hard - in fact she just took me, my sister and 2 brothers to Costa for half an hour. Marcel and Lots had chocolate milk, mummy had a vanilla latte, Pudge had a babycino and I had some of her milk (I like to call it doodah) while they had their drinks. And my mummy even managed to put on my snowsuit and Léon's jacket without a nanny.
Anyway when the doctor finally called my name the worst bit came - the nice lady Alice called me in, took off my trousers and stuck 2 needles in my legs - it hurt and it made me feel hot and cry and fart all evening afterwards, and I slept in this morning till nearly 11, I was so tired from all my crying. Mummy says I have to go back for the same in April and May. Maybe I can refuse that like I refused the bottle?
Oh and by the way I weigh 6kg now!

Hey, look at me now !

Hiya, it's me again ,,,Little Anna Bridget
No one's posted anything for me recently ,, and I'm feeling a bit Putt-Ooot !
Look at me now for goodness sake ,.,. I'm nearly 12 weeks old and growing like topsy !
Obviously my Mum has the world's best baby growing boobs ever ,,
Check out my current photo. Amn't I lovely ?
And already I can giggle ,.,. if someone tells me something funny !
However I do have this crazy father ,.,. look, he's training me to be a Trapeeze artist !!