More grandparents

A baby with 4 grandparents!
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I've been quite happy with just three siblings, two parents, two grandparents, two cousins, two uncles and two aunties so far, but a few days ago I found out that I actually have four grandparents!

The new pair are called Farmor and Gro├čvater, and they're really nice! They talked to me a lot, and Gro├čvater let me suck his hand.

They seemed to have gone home again now, but I hope they'll come again soon. If not, I'll have to go and visit them. Farmor says they have a huge house with a nice garden, so that'll be fun.


Night out

Mum and dad went out to their work's dinner dance for 3 hours last night and left me with Granny, Pumpa and big cousin Gordy. I was well-behaved, spending much of my time lying on the couch talking to my grandparents and showing them my lovely smiles. I did have a grump about that bizarre bottle of milk they tried sticking in my mouth but after an angry protest, they decided to drip mum's milk into my mouth using a calpol syringe instead. I put up with that grudgingly. Hopefully I behaved well enough, they might not be too horrified if I ever need babysitting again!

So cute!

God I'm cute!
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Am I cute or am I cute? Am I not just gorgeous???