What the hell is this?

What the hell is this?
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Yuck yuck yuck - waaaah - what on earth are they doing to me - they stuck this plastic tube in my mouth and I could see nice milk through it but when I licked and licked at the underside like I do with mum's boob, nothing happened - I even stuck my tongue all the way out and still not a sausage! I hope they aren't seriously planning to feed me with one of these contraptions often!


So busy growing...

I've been wearing 0-3 month clothes (56-62cm) for a week now, having grown out of the newborn stuff already. Mum and Dad noticed that even those trousers were a bit short so decided to measure my length. I'm 61cm already - that means I am not allowed to grow more than 1cm more or I'll be too tall for the 0-3 clothes! That made them wonder how heavy I was too: 5.2kg! How can I possibly have grown 1.8kg already in just 5 weeks? Am I going to be the biggest in the family soon?! Of course I have been using 3-6 shoes since I was two weeks old, so that's to be expected, no?

Clever me!


Another house, another couch.

Me and my big brother ( the little big brother that is Pudge ! ) are going out visiting today ,.,. going to see somebody called aunty Jim and uncle Jessie !! Granny says, "it'll be fun" but Mummy says "Aye that'll be the day !" I don't know how Buddy Holly got into this but that's what my Mummy said ,.,. Anyway I'm looking forward to it 'cause my Granny says uncle Jessie has a cat and I just know my big brother will have fun chasing it. I'll probably just sleep but I'm sure I'll see the pictures later !


Big girl

Anna aged 4 weeks
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Amn't I a big girl? Check mum's flickr for a photo of my big sister wearing my trousers!


Far and I

Ready for a bath
Ready for a bath,
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I like this photo of Far (my dad) and me.

You can see who calm I am, resting in his arms, and I think you can also see how much he loves me.

I am very pretty, don't you think?


My Pumpa's a Singer

I'm 3-weeks and 1-day old now ,.,. gosh but time flies on the outside ,.,.
it seemed so much slower when I was inside ,.,. ( as the jailbird might say ! )
I saw my Pumpa & Ganny today again ,.,.. and I saw my aunt Miriam, uncle Bjorn and my cousin Ursula for the very first time ,.,. they came all the way from Denmark to see me !
Not Pumpa & Ganny ,.,. they came from about 300 yards away !
I've decided I like sitting on Pumpa's knee ,.,. he's lovely ,,, & he sings songs to me
I smiled at him :)
Ahhhhh ....


Big, but not freaky

Today I reached 4kg – up from my birth weight of 3.4kg.

I'm also very proud of my bendiness, which is just like my farmor Brita and her mother Idith, I think. I don't understand why mum thinks it's freaky...

I'll probably be great at gymnastics or yoga when I grow up!

Bendy body bits

Bendy body bits
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Since Pumpa wants to know which bady part they'll be obsessed by next - here's the answer - my bizarrely double-jointed feet! None of my siblings has ever been able to do anything like this! That's me - Little Miss Freaky feet!

I need to know !

These people I live with ,, what are they like ?
They're obsessed with my body bits ,, first it's my beautiful chins, then it's my lovely feet, whatever next I wonder ?
I haven't had a chance to look yet but ,,, does my bum look big in any of these early photos they're all taking of me ??



Looks like mum and dad are still working on their great minds think alike strategy!

Big feet

baby toes
baby toes,
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Mum says I've got big feet. Today she put on shoes that were age 3-6 months, and they fitted me perfectly.

Faster Miriam also had big feet, Farmor says, so perhaps I'll also become a tall musician one day!


Mum is a bit worried about my feet - I had on size 4 shoes today - Charlotte was in a 3.5 when she learned to walk at 13 months... I am 18 days old!


Extra chin

I'm only 2 weeks old but I noticed today I have already grown an extra chin... must get one of my olds to take a photo of it and upload it for me tomorrow - not sure where to plug in the USB cable yet, myself! ;-)


Snuffly nose

My nose is blocked. Mum says my brothers and sister were the same at 2 weeks and suggested sterile water nose drops - aaaaaaaaarg! It gets out the bogies, but it makes me cry :-(