Me and Mum

Me and Anna
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Mum and I are having a bit of a stand off at the moment.
It started a few days ago when my 7th tooth started to come through. For some reason mum thinks I am being unreasonable grinding my teeth on her boobs when I am drinking milk. I am simply trying to find the right position for my tongue and teeth now the inside of my mouth has changed but mum is a bit angry at the 7 toothsized open wounds she has round each nipple.
Mum is also annoyed that I like to have milk during the night. She says I am too big a girl for milk during the night. Maybe I am too big but I like it so I am going to win our fight. Mum says she is going to win.
Last night I fell asleep at about 10-30 in the evening. At 1-20 in the morning I decided I'd like a little milk. Mum gave me a little and I bit her. Mum put me back in my bed and said I wasn't getting any more. I know mum, if I scream loud and long enough I will win so when she put me in bed at 1-25 I stood up and screamed angrily at her. She came over, picked me up, said no and laid me down. Huh? I stood up again and screamed, she laid me down again. Over the next 2 hours and 10 minutes I stood up and screamed at her 45 more times and she laid me down 45 times saying no. I didn't realize mum could be as stubborn as me. A few times she even shouted nasty words at me. Eventually I lost my voice and lay down exhausted. I didn't waken up again till 10-45 in the morning. When I got up I gave mum a big hug just in case she remembered about our fight but it seems she's forgotten about it for now.
I bet I can make her give me milk tonight though.


Prawn soup

Prawn soup
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We went to uncle Derek's house the other day and he made us soup. In front of daddy and me there was a big ceramic plate, a big spoon, a small plastic bowl and a teaspoon. For some very strange reason daddy thought the big spoon and plate were for him. After I had sorted out that misunderstanding, the meal went swimmingly.


Why the hell have they put a tree in the living room?

Adults just get weirder and weirder... On Saturday they only brought in a tree and it is currently taking up no less than half the living room floor. They keep hanging sparkly things on it and the game seems to be that they put them on, I take them off and leave them in a pile on the floor, and then they put them on again. It is a bit of a strange pastime but it seems to keep them amused so I am willing to keep at it if necessary.


Birthday girl

Birthday girl
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I got this cool toy for my birthday. It makes a lot of noise and noise makes me happy.

Birthday girl

Birthday girl
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On Friday daddy made me cake, and my grandparents flew over from Denmark and my other grandparents came for coffee too. Everyone bought me nice presents. Apparently it was something called 'my birthday'. Mummy says I am one now.



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I found this great new game. I think it is a lot of fun, but mummy shouts at me every time I play it. I don't see why. What harm is there in taking daddy's cds one by one and throwing them down the back of the radiator? I makes such a cool noise. And mummy jumps about making such funny noises when she tries to fish them out while the radiator is on!


Leave me in peace so I can work out your password!

Mum gave me this nice computer. I am sure it is for me because I can reach it on the coffee table. That's why I hit all the keys every time I pass it. Funny though, I don't seem to be able to work out the password.


Self medicating

Self medicating
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I don't really understand what all that nonsense was about last week. Daddy and Marcel holding me down, mum squirting the medicine into my mouth, me having to learn how to hold it all in there long enough to spit it over them... I mean, when they just gave me the syringe I was happy to do it all by myself - why didn't they understand that?


Daddy - save me from this strange, hairy weirdo!

Today was a very scary day. We went to mummy and daddy's work which was ok. We danced and ate sweets and crisps. We played with some other babies - so far so good. Then we queued for a few minutes outside a little red house. A strange woman, mummy said she was an elf, asked daddy my name and daddy said Anna. She let daddy go inside. There was a very big, red, hairy person in the corner of the room. I have no idea what daddy was thinking at this point - he only went and handed me over to the scary hairy one. I burst into tears and pleaded with daddy, looking deep into his eyes registering my profound sense of betrayal. He picked me up and we left with a soft bear in a purple jacket. I will not be bought by furry toys. Mummy wasn't much better. She just stood there taking photos. How can you trust parents like that?


Infected eyes

Infected eyes
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I've had sore eyes this week. Mum keeps putting horrible cold eye drops in them to stop them from sticking together. Sore eyes make me sad.

What does passion fruit cheesecake taste like?

I found this cheesecake lying on the coffee table last night. I figured I was supposed to try it. Otherwise, why would they have left it there? I think it was particularly good with the custard I found in a pot at its side.



Anna and her daddy
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I'm getting seriously, seriously pissed off with the adults around this house now. In fact the bigger kids aren't much better. The past 3 days while Marcel has held me down, daddy has pulled open my eyelids and mummy has dripped in some nippy, cold liquid. I hate them so I cry and cry. And, as if that isn't bad enough, no sooner do they stop that than mum and dad attack me with a syringe full of yellow liquid saying it'll taste nice. I shake my head vigorously but they completely ignore me and squirt it in every time I cry. I hate them for that too. It isn't fair! I don't understand why they are attacking me this week, when I'm already not feeling very well!


I'm sick

Anna is sick
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I have really itchy eyes. They are making me feel miserable so all I want to do is suck mummy's milk all day and night and grumble. I hope they get better soon.
Mummy took me to the doctor which wasn't fun because there was so much ice it took us ten minutes to get to the car and another ten to de-ice it, by which time we were ten minutes late. When the doctor looked at me he said I had conjunctivitis and a chest infection. He gave mummy medicine and eye drops. Problem is I hate both so I have decided to refuse them and try to get better without them. For some reason mummy doesn't agree with my stance so has been pinning me down with her knees and forcing things into my eyes and down my throat. I think I hate mummy now.


The Sleepers

Pumpa says I'm a wee devil !
We always start out with the best of intentions ,, we'll play we say ,,, But ...
Every time I fall asleep on his knee he falls asleep too !!
Today we started watching the Chelsea vs Arsenal football match together on Pumpa's chair and when Mummy & Daddy came back from DIY'ing and woke us up again .,., the game was all finished !!
Ooops, sorry Pumpa ,,,


What happened?

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The weirdest thing happened to me today. First I was standing holding the handle to the oven in the kitchen watching mummy peel potatoes. Then I noticed a little Santa Claus toy on the floor - it was red and shiny and I wanted to see it so I bent down and picked it up. I stroked its eyes and pulled its hat and then I realized - if I was holding it with my right hand and stroking it with my left hand, then which hand was I using to hold me up? I checked my left hand, then I checked my right hand then I looked at my feet and instantly decided I ought to sit down as no one was holding me up... Hmmm, I wonder how that happened? Who exactly had been holding me?


Andrex puppy

Andrex puppy
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For some reason mummy doesn't seem very pleased with me when I shred a whole toilet roll. I'm not sure why because it was great fun.



Drying by the fire
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My bum is bright red, covered in spots and nippy when I poo. Mummy says it is called nappy rash. She's not sure if it is caused by my new teeth or by the antibiotics she's taking for her chesty cough but it better get fixed by the cream she's putting on it pdq or I'm going to go mad!



Anna looking at photos
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I've discovered that there are lots of nice pictures of people I know on the walls – Léon, Charlotte, Marcel, mum, dad and others.

When dad or granny carry me around, I point at the photos and they tell me who's on them.

Mum doesn't seem to be interested in photos, so I never point at photos with her.



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For some reason adults seem to like it when you clamp your mouth onto theirs and suck on them. They go all slushy on you. I think they call it 'kisses'.


What's mum's problem?

Mum seems to be getting awfully upset at me lately. Sometimes she screams and shouts and drags me away from what I am doing. For example last week she got quite annoyed when I found a used spoon on the floor and decided to use it to eat leftovers from the day before that I found on the mat under my highchair. I mean to say - what's wrong with a little green bread or a hairy chunk of meat? And the following day she went ballistic - pulling me out of the bathroom screaming at me that I was disgusting. My mouth was hot and sore because of a new tooth that's coming through, so I couldn't see anything wrong with cooling it down by sucking on the cold porcelain toilet bowl - Léon had left the seat up so it was easy to reach. What was wrong with that?


Chocolate digestives

Chocolate digestives
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Granny gave me a chocolate biscuit yesterday. It was delicious!

I can pull myself up at the dishwasher

I've noticed this week that I can use all sorts of different pieces of furniture to help me stand up. Some things, like the table, are easy to sit back down from again, but the dishwasher is more tricky. When I stand up there I can't sit down again. Then all I can do is take all the knives and forks out of the cutlery holder and put them on the floor.


Bees and vampires

Bees and vampires
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Yesterday we went to visit Derek and Amanda. They put me in a funny puffy T-shirt with wings. When daddy turned up he painted himself white and put in some pointed teeth. I could see it was daddy so I couldn't understand why Pudge was scared and Gordy and his friehds looked so worried. I didn't think he was frightening at all.


Don't cut my nails mum!

Don't cut my nails mum!
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Mum keeps doing this really annoying thing to my finger and toe nails every week. It is seriously upsetting. The more I pull my hands and feet away, the more she tightens her grip on me. I just don't like it.


Golf on the PS2

Golf on the PS2
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Pumpa gave me this to play with today. He thinks that when I grow up I should be a professional female golf player!


First full British breakfast

First full British breakfast
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This morning daddy made breakfast. Usually mummy gives me yogurt or porridge or krispies. But daddy gave me a fried egg, a potato scone, beans, bacon, 5 sausages and mushrooms. Bloody hell - this is what I call breakfast! Bring it on! I was still sitting at the table munching on scone long after all the others had left. Yummy!


Riding along in a truck

Riding along in a truck
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Daddy sat me on this truck and pulled this string and it made me move along. It was good fun so I got back in and pulled it myself but for some strange reason it didn't move when I pulled it. That's weird.



Sick baby
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I'm sick - or so mummy and daddy tell me - I've never been sick before. First I had a cold and then my breathing got bad and the doctor tells me I have a chest infection. On Tuesday and Wednesday I couldn't even be bothered crawling or eating but yesterday I crawled and smiled a bit so I think everyone is less worried now.


I'm sure I can feed myself, if I can just find my mouth.

For some reason the adults around me, and even Léon want to stick spoons in my mouth. They don't seem to realize I am big enough to feed myself already. Ok I know I get most of the dinner on my face, arms, hair, the walls and even the floor but they just have to realize I am making a stance. I want to do this all by myself!



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I've got the hang of crawling now. Last night I went from the red couch up to the cream couch and today I decided to venture out into the hall - wooooow - I wonder how you climb stairs?



I suddenly figured out that if you use both your arms and your legs at the same time, you can move around much more quickly than by bum-shuffling. Mum and dad seem to call it 'crawling'.



Kissing Anna
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Last week both Pudge and Gordy were kissing me. I decided it was time I learned how to do this. Tonight every time mummy and daddy kissed me on the lips, I opened my mouth wide, clamped it onto their lips and stuck my tongue out and licked them. They seemed very pleased with me, clapping and squealing with joy, so I guess I must be doing it right.


Using the toilet

Jeanneke Pis
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Today dad and I were going to have a nice bath.

He undressed us both, and he then went over to the white thing that mum sometimes sits on.

Then something weird happened: Yellow water started running out of dad and hitting the water in the white thing. I leant forward to study the phenomenon.

Then something even stranger happened: I suddenly started to pee myself, and as soon as dad noticed, he held me over the water so that my pee would hid the water, too.

Afterwards, he gave me a big kiss and said I was very clever, so I peed a bit more.

He then put me down on the blue bath mat and placed Léon at the toilet.

And isn't it funny? As soon as I heard the tinkling sound, I started to pee again.

I wonder whether they're going to try this again some day...


I've learned to clap

Anna's learned to clap
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I've just realized what fun you can have clapping your 2 hands together! Wow.


Fun in bed

Bitsy thing
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On Sunday night I slept for 9 hours in my cot without waking up. Mum looked very pleased in the morning and was telling every one.
We can't have that...
So Monday night I got up 3 times, Tuesday too. By Wednesday, the first time I got up mum was so tired she let me sleep in their bed. That was cool. I decided horizontally was the most effective, so put my head on mum's back and my feet on dad's chest. They couldn't sleep but I did. Last night was most fun though, I got up at 1-50 and decided to play and sing and dance in the dark, kicking and scratching mum and dad just enough to insure they didn't sleep at all. I tired of that game though... after the first 3 hours...


Don't touch mummy's computer, Bits!!!!

She screams this at me but I ignore her. What's her problem anyway? I click a few buttons, it turns round, big deal! I think it looks nicer this way up. I am such a clever girl, amn't I? I wonder if I know intuitively how to bugger her computer because daddy's a computer nerd? This is the second time I've broken her computer recently :-)

Silly health visitor

Happy cruising
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Today mum took me to the health visitor to have some jags. I didn't cry when she gave me two jags - I am so clever.
Afterwards I wondered if she was a bit mad - she said to mum. I have a questionnaire to fill out here, can you answer a few questions:
1) Can Anna eat lumpy food?
Huh? I had lasagne and chips for dinner last night - what is this woman on?
2) Can Anna sit unaided now?
Sit unaided? SIT UNAIDED??? Is she barking - I've been sitting for 5 months - shouldn't she be asking if I can cruise the furniture, silly cow!?


Anna's lasagne

Anna's lasagne
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Tonight Marcel made some nice dinner. Pudge told me it was called ñaña. I liked it very much especially once mummy gave up trying to put it in my mouth and gave me the spoon so I could do it myself. At last she's realized I want to feed myself!


All better

All better
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I'm not having the best of weeks. On Sunday I got stung and had a very sore face all day. The next day I developed a fever and didn't feel like eating. I had the fever and didn't eat or sleep from Monday till today (I wonder if I caught a virus or if it was related to the sting?) Mum is getting a bit fed up now - she hasn't slept more than 30 minutes uninterrupted since Sunday and today she's had to change a dozen nappies... because all I have eaten all week is breastmilk, I have gone back to pooing like before I ever had food. She's got a cheek to moan though - I haven't eaten or slept either and I've been sick.


OUCH :-(

Today I was sitting in the garden in my buggy at Granny and Pumpa's house minding my own business when something, a nasty wasp I think, landed on my face and stung me. I didn't cry very much about the sting but I cried quite a lot when Pumpa tried to hold an ice cube on it. Mum gave me piriton and calpol which helped a little. Granny gave me chocolate buttons which helped a lot.
Daddy thinks I am very brave. He is very proud of me, but then I had stopped crying when he arrived.


My first Danish pastry

Anna's first Danish pastry
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This morning Marcel and Charlotte got up early and went out with Brita to buy some Danish pastries and rolls with seeds on for breakfast. So I got to taste my first ever Danish pastry. I think it was very nice.



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Farmor has a greenhouse with grapes growing in it. I have learned how to pick them by myself and eat them. They taste nice.

On a wall

on a wall
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I think I look very cute sitting on the old stone wall in front of Farmor's church, don't you?


I got a postcard

I got a postcard
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I got this postcard from my grandparents the other day. I wasn't sure what it was at first so I had a good look. Then I tasted it just to make sure it wasn't edible. After, I decided to hug it because I liked it very much.


I was sitting naked in the garden the other day and Pumpa noticed my birth mark on my tummy. He says I am very clever to have a birth mark the shape of a map of Islay. He says that means I am going to like malt whisky when I am an adult!


Jaggy grass - ouch!

Jaggy grass - ouch!
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The weather was lovely on Monday and I was having a nice time in the garden playing with guys. Daddy decided to take my clothes off so I was nice and cool but then he sat me on the grass and it was all dry a spiky - waaah.
After a little while though, I got more used to it.


Considering crawling

Considering crawling
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Today mum put me down on my hands and knees. Usually I cry when she does this but today I decided it might actually be good fun. Maybe I'll soon see if I can move. Charlotte showed me how by crawling round and round me calling my name, then Léon got on her back. He said he was playing horsey. I got a bit worried when he came towards me saying Anna's playing horsey too now.


That's a big tower!

That's a big tower!
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At the weekend mummy and daddy took me on an aeroplane again - just one this time.
We landed in a place where everyone was speaking that language mummy speaks to Pudge and I when we are alone in the mornings.
It was raining quite a lot :-(
We went on a bus and by the time we got to the city it had stopped.
We went to a place where they sold very big ice creams. We saw this nice tower (and a nice man gave me a little silver copy of it just because I was looking cute in the park).
Then we saw some pretty white churches. Mum said she doesn't understand why they have to use such nice buildings for religious purposes! I think she'd like Notre Dame better if they made it a curry restaurant like the church in Glasgow!
I got to taste onion soup and baguette and all the waiters loved me so so much they gave me free biscuits and hugged me.
There was even a wee girl on the metro train who said to her mum a few times Je peux donner un p'tit bisou au bébé? - when her mum ignored her pleas she jumped on me from nowhere and smothered me with kisses... I guess I must be the bébé in question!
It is just a shame the guys were in a different part of France - I think we'd have had fun there together.