Birth--DAY celebrations already !

I went to see my Granny and Pumpa last night ,,
Mum & Dad haven't got an oven ( well not a WORKING oven ) in my house yet,
so we all went to Granny's house to make steak-pie in her oven ,,,, ( my very first steak-pie !)
Silly Dad ripped his shirt on the garden gate on the way out ,, ( thank God it was only his shirt ; he was carrying ME so it could have been my new head he caught on the gatepost ! Phewwwww .....)
I only got to try the steak pie 2nd. hand of course but it was great ,,
Oh, and I think I tasted a wee bit of red wine too ,,, :)
Granny, Pumpa, Mum and Dad all wet my head again ,.,. and again,.,. and again ,.,.,.this must be some kind of grown-up ritual I suppose ?
My daft Granny invited the neighbours in to see me ,,, so I had to put on a wee bit of a performance for some Sharkey girls ,, you know, some smiles, some sleep ,, the odd dirty nappy ,,, and the crazy one they call my Pumpa kept battering my new wee eyes with flashlights !
I dare say I'll get used to all their silly grown-up stuff but it'll take a bit of doing.
It's still all rather new to me ,,, but I should pick it up soon ,, after all I'm a big girl now ,,
tonight I was celebrating my 10th. ,..,birth-day !

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